How to make your skin glow naturally

There are so many different skin types and different issues that you can get with your skin that the answer to the question of how you can get glowing skin naturally isn’t quite as simple as it first may seem. One thing is for sure, though, no one wants to …

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4 Ways of falling in love with the right person

I am not ashamed to admit I’m a bit driven in life. I’m an ENFP, type-a, Sagittarius. I line up my goals and begin the dogged pursuit. And, I’ve been heading down a different path when it comes to dating, lately. I think my idea is to listen more and …

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How to resolve conflict in relationships

Opposites attract, so here’s what to do if differences are driving you apart. They say that opposites attract, and that can certainly be a good thing for a happily married or coupled up pair of people who are, indeed, polar opposites. Still, it can be scary to discover that person …

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